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Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville Welcomes You to Wellness

Written by Carole Keily | Photos by Austin Kaseman

Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville Entrance

There are a number of spas in Greater Prince William offering traditional spa services along with wellness services. Wellness services include massage, dry brushing, salt therapy, among others.

Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville opened its doors on Sept. 1, 2020. The spa is located in the Stonewall Shops Square Shopping Center at 8114 Stonewall Shops Square in Gainesville, right off Route 29.

If you’ve never been to a spa before, Owner Colleen Quintana wants you to know what to expect at Woodhouse Spa Gainesville: “We take great pride in providing our guests with exceptional service and expertise from making their reservation to checking out at the end of their stay. Our entire team loves what they do and it radiates to our guests.

What to Expect

Quintana shared that upon arriving, guests are welcomed by the spa’s warm, friendly front desk concierge team. Guests are treated to one of the spa’s signature scents diffused throughout the spa. “Once checked in for your services, one of our concierge team members will escort you to the appropriate lounge area where you will have a personal locker to put your belongings, change into a luxurious spa robe and reflexology sandals before being escorted to one of our relaxation rooms or private suites,” she said.

Guests are provided luxurious spa robes for comfort during their stays at Woodhouse.

“While you wait for your spa professional, our guests are offered a complimentary glass of champagne, fresh fruit infused water, or assortment of hot teas to sip on while they sit back and relax,” said Quintana.

When it’s time, spa professionals will introduce themselves and take each guest back to one of the spa’s well-appointed rooms for service. Afterwards, your therapist guests can stay and relax or be shown to the lounge area to change before checking out.

Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville Tub Room

Health and Wellness Benefits

Generally, when we think of spas, we think of pampering. But there are also health and wellness benefits from spa services like massages.

Quintana agrees: “The overall relaxation and detoxification that a simple massage provides to us is amazing. Our Massage Therapists will share that a guest falling asleep during a massage is the best compliment a guest can give. Many of us, like myself, try to stay awake during the massage so that we don’t miss out on what we are receiving and paying for, but I have come to embrace the ultimate relaxation by allowing my body the rest it needs during a massage. Spa sleep is the best sleep!”

Quintana shared that massages promote circulation, help decrease inflammation, promote relaxation, help destress the body, and calm the mind. “We share with our guests, practicing self-care allows us to take better care of those around us where we provide care,” she said.

Creating a Personal Wellness Package

Guests at Woodhouse Spa-Gainesville can create their own packages from the a la carte menu. Team members can also help with optimally personalizing the visit.

Some examples of treatments offered at Woodhouse, as well as at other spas, include salt therapy, Shirodhara (a healing Ayurvedic treatment), a meditative mood soak, a holistic body detox and a digital detox.

“Our Active Salt Room is a new addition to our spa where our guests relax in a zero-gravity lounger for 45 minutes while breathing in the medical grade salt air being diffused into the room… [This] naturally clears your thoughts, skin and lungs while promoting healing from the inside out after illness, surgeries and more. Some of our massages incorporate stretching which is an important detail in our everyday lives,” Quintana said.

Dedicated to Welcoming Guests

Woodhouse Spa-Gainesville owners Colleen and Walt reside in Haymarket with their family. Walt is a Navy Veteran and is often performing behind the scenes essential tasks while continuing his full-time job. Colleen has made the spa her full-time job, taking a break from the corporate and legal sectors.

Quintana said, “We have a motto at our spa ‘You have to love what you do, ’and our entire team loves welcoming and caring for all of our guests as we all love what we do!!”

From preventative to recovery care, from massages to facials, Quintana said, “Our overall goal with every guest is to provide unparalleled service where our team is committed to uplifting and destressing guests during their stay no matter how short or long it is.”

Learn more about Woodhouse Spa-Gainesville at

Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville Luxury Spa Gift Bag

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