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Body Treatments

See Our Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville Services

Emerge revitalized with therapeutic, full-body skin treatments that can only be found at Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville. From our Black Sand Rejuvenation Treatment, Nourishing Wrap, and WH Signature: Holistic Body Detox, learn more about the treatment that's best for you below!


WH Signature: Holistic Body Detox

Create a renewed canvas for body care, starting with a full-body, dry brush exfoliation. Next, experience an application of nourishing sea minerals and a re-balancing body mask, rich with trace elements and toning essential oils. A deeply skin-supportive cream, enhanced with a special detoxifying serum, completes the treatment and seals in nutrients.

Intention: Detoxification + smooth skin
Suggested Pairing: CBD Enhancement

80 Min. - $225


Black Sand Rejuvenation

Black sand and pumice stone combine for an invigorating full-body exfoliation that includes nourishing sea minerals.

Intention: Full-body exfoliation + smooth & healthy skin
Suggested Pairing: Woodhouse Signature Sculpt Facial

50 Min. - $150


Nourishing Wrap

A cleansing full-body exfoliation begins the experience, followed by a calming, sea mineral gel mask that leaves skin toned and hydrated.

Intention: Relaxation + smooth skin + moisturization
Suggested Pairing: Soothe + Hydrate Facial

50 Min. - $170
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