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See Our Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville Services

Treat yourself to luxurious skincare techniques that leave you feeling toned, radiant, and healthy inside and out. Manual extractions of impurities are built into each treatment.

We look forward to leaving you feeling rejuvenated and renewed!


WH Signature: Holistic Minkyti

Minkyti therapy begins utilizing acupressure and connective tissue massage, followed by a gentle peel and probiotic application to regenerate and deeply stimulate your skin for maximum absorption of our nutrient-rich products.

Intention: Deep hydration + exfoliation + relaxation
Suggested Pairing: Gua Sha Enhancement

80 Min. - $215


WH Signature: Sculp

This treatment combines facial massage, microcurrent technology, and Gua Sha techniques to lift and sculpt the skin, leaving you glowing.

Intention: Lift + toned skin + reduced puffiness
Suggested Pairing: LED Enhancement or Collagen Mask Enhancement

80 Min. - $325


Soothe + Hydrate

Quench thirsty, dehydrated skin with a soothing and exfoliating treatment leaving you ready to face the world.

Intention: Deep hydration + exfoliation + cleansing
Suggested Pairing: CBD Enhancement

50 Min. - $150


Deep Cleanse

Bring your skin back to radiance with a deep cleansing and clarifying treatment paired with manual extractions for a clear complexion.

Intention: Clear complexion
Suggested Pairing: Vitamin C Treatment Mask Enhancement

50 Min. - $165



Shed dullness and shine bright with dual-phase exfoliation followed by a soothing mask and brightening Vitamin C treatment designed to brighten discolored skin.

Intention: Vibrant + refined complexion.
Suggested Pairing: Collagen Mask Enhancement

50 Min. - $180


Age Defying

Revitalize your skin with our collagen booster therapy, enhanced with expert facial techniques and a silver foil mask to help restore firmness and repair fine lines.

Intention: Improved skin firmness + visibly smoothed lines + youthful look
Suggested Pairing: Facial Cupping Enhancemet

50 Min. - $185


Lift + Firm

This facial combines a light peel and age-defying massage to re-balance and renew the skin, followed by a lifting mask with powerful antioxidants.

Intention: Improved elasticity + contoured results
Suggested Pairing: Gua Sha Enhancement

80 Min. - $215


Facial Enhancements

All skin is different. Talk to your Esthetician about upgrading any of our treatments to best fit your needs:

Facial Ampoule - $20
Facial Cupping - $35
Eye Compress Treatment - $35
Dermaplane Enhancement - $55
Hydrafacial ReGen Booster - $85
Hydro Jelly Mask - N/A
Vitamin C Treatment Mask - $35
Gua Sha Treatment - $35
Collagen Mask Treatment - $40
Hydrafacial Lip or Eye Perk - $50
Hydrating Neck Treatment - $50
Microcurrent - $50
Quick Lift - $30
C.B.D Massage Serum - Locally Crafted - $40
Hydrafacial JLO Booster - $85
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