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See Our Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville Services

Ease your muscles and aid your mood with techniques that marry science, wisdom, and art. All Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville massages begin with our signature foot cleansing ritual and essential oil treatment for deep relaxation. Feel the stress melt away.


WH Signature: Calming Retreat

Experience peace and harmony with a taste of seven specialized treatments. This blissful, head-to-toe ritual begins with full-body exfoliation followed by a therapeutic stone massage. Next, a neck and shoulder massage releases upper body tension. This is followed by relaxing and renewing acupressure and massage of the scalp, hands, and arms. Enhanced with the restorative ancient art of reflexology.

110 Min. - $280


WH Signature: Deep Tissue Transformation

Intensive therapy with whole-body healing in mind. High-pressure movements stimulate circulation,release muscle tension, and set your body up for success.

50 Min. - $150 or 80 Min. - $225


Body Balance Massage

Our take on a classic Swedish massage. Long, flowing movements of light-to-medium pressure reduce tension and increase circulation, leaving your mind and body in a place of total relaxation.

50 Min. - $130, 80 Min. - $195, or 110 Min. - $260


Couples Retreat

Our Body Balance Massage for two. Customize to your needs with several of our luxurious upgrade offerings.

50 Min. - $260, 80 Min. - $390, or 110 Min. - $520


Sports Massage

Deep tissue paired with trigger point therapy and stretching.

50 Min. - $150, 80 Min. - $225, or 110 Min. - $300


Tranquil Stone

Relaxing full-body Swedish massage that incorporates hot, soothing stones for increased circulation.

50 Min. - $150, 80 Min. - $225, or 110 Min. - $300


Maternity Massage

Relaxing, full-body Swedish massage with special attention on the lower back muscles. Second and third trimester only.

50 Min. - $140 or 80 Min. - $210



Two therapists perform seamlessly choreographed, rhythmic movements that induce deep relaxation. Enjoy a full-body massage, reflexology, and hypnotic scalp massage that invokes a sense of calm and well-being. This luxurious treatment soothes the senses and nourishes the skin. Emerge renewed and refreshed.

80 Min. - $390


Relax + Run

Quick, customizable treatment, focused on your area of need.

25 Min. - $100


Massage Enhancements

Aromatherapy Essential Oil - $20
CBD Oil - Locally Crafted - $40
Deep Tissue Pressure - $20
Himalayan Hot Stone - $20
HyperIce Hypervolt - $20
Reflexology Foot Massage - $75
Deep Conditioning Scalp Treatment - $35
Yoga Balm - $10
Cupping - $35
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