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See Our Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville Services

Treat yourself from head to toe with our spin on traditional and not-so-traditional manicures and pedicures.


WH Signature: Luxury Hand Retreat

Our most raved-about, detailed manicure. Enjoy an exfoliation from hand to elbow followed by a deeply relaxing massage. Seal the goodness with a luxurious hand cream application.

50 Min. - $75


WH Signature: Luxury Foot Retreat

A sensory journey to relaxation that will leave you peaceful and polished. The luxurious aroma will provide you with just the balancing retreat you deserve.

50 Min. - $95


Holistic Rejuvenation Manicure or Pedicure

An invigorating manicure or pedicure with warm, healing essential oils.

50 Min. Mani - $65 or 50 Min. Pedi - $75


CBD Manicure or Pedicure

A soothing sensory experience for hands or feet.

50 Min. Mani - $75 or 50 Min. Pedi - $80


Gel Manicure or Pedicure

A long-lasting, natural-looking nail polish that protects natural nails.

50 Min. Mani - $70 or 50 Min. Pedi - $75


Buff and File

A quick refresher for your nails.

25 Min. - $45
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