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See Our Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville Services

Spend the day with us at Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville. We curate each package to deliver on how you want to feel now and long after you leave. Choose your package and let your transformation begin.


Ultimate Reset

Experience a day designed to provide you with the ultimate sense of renewal. Treatments include the Woodhouse Signature Calming Retreat + Nourishing Wrap + HydraFacial Deluxe + Lunch.

Intention: Reinvigoration of body + mind

270 Min. - $800


Complete Transformation

Enjoy a day of nourishing services designed to revitalize your mind, body and mood. Treatments include a Tranquil Stone Massage (50 min) + HydraFacial Classic + Woodhouse Signature Luxury Hand Retreat + Woodhouse Signature Luxury Foot Retreat.

Intention: Reduced tension + nourished skin

200 Min. - $555


Digital Detox

Relax and unplug distraction-free with services designed to help you detox from technology for the day. Treatments include the Woodhouse Signature Holistic Minkyti Facial + Woodhouse Signature Holistic Body Detox + Woodhouse Signature Restorative Sleep.

Intention: Unplugging + detoxing

210 Min. - $590


Head-to-Toe Relaxation

When stress has gotten the best of you, let Woodhouse provide a day of rejuvenating services designed to dissolve anxiety and wash away worry. Treatments include a Body Balance Massage + Soothe + Hydrate Facial + Holistic Rejuvenation Pedicure.

Intention: Full-body relaxation

150 Min. - $355



A day of pampering and relaxation designed for expectant mothers. Treatments include a Maternity Massage + Holistic Rejuvenation Pedicure.

Intention: Relaxation + hydrated refreshed skin

100 Min. - $215


True Renewal

Tired and dull skin has met its match with a day of transformational services. Treatments include the Woodhouse Signature Sculpt Facial + Black Sand Rejuvenation.

Intention: Full body invigoration

100 Min. - $475


Recover & Renew

A day of rejuvenation for when your body is craving some TLC. Treatments include a Sports Massage + Illuminate Facial.

Intention: Recovery

100 Min. - $330
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