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See Our Woodhouse Spa - Gainesville Services

Immerse yourself in total luxury. Our signature rituals provide a personalized experience that will leave your mind, mood and body fully transformed.


WH Signature: Meditative Mood Soak

Select your mood-enhancing aromatherapy oil to guide a full body therapy, complete with dry brushing, sensory sea mineral enriched bath and a Body Balance Massage. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at home, with our gift of a lava bracelet infused with your chosen oil blend.

Intention: Peace of mind + deep relaxation
Suggested Pairing: WH Signature: Holistic Minkyti Facial

80 Min. - $205


WH Signature: Restorative Sleep Massage

A proprietary blend of essential oils guide this highly restful, therapeutic massage that helps restore and balance your mind and body for those looking to escape from constant distractions.

Intention: Balanced + deep relaxation
Suggested Pairing: CBD Manicure and/or Pedicure

50 Min. - $150



This healing Ayurvedic treatment begins with warm oils that flow onto the center of your forehead to release mental tension and mind chatter. A soothing head and scalp massage follows to enhance this curative experience and encourage mindful energy flow.

Intention: Release mental tension + mind chatter
Suggested Pairing: CBD Enhancement

50 Min. - $140


Salt Therapy

Clear your thoughts, skin, and lungs naturally in our dry salt sanctuary.

Intention: Improved respiratory health + skin health + peace of mind
Suggested Pairing: WHSignature: Meditative Mood Soak

45 Min. - $50


Renewal Bath

This self-care experience offers you an opportunity to balance your mind and body. Enjoy your solitude in a bath soak with our blend of essential oils that will leave you feeling restored and balanced.

Intention: Relaxation + cleansing + deep peace of mind
Suggested Pairing: Body Balance Massage

25 Min. - $55
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